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voting based map loadout and squad system

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After seeing all these posts about kit and loadout systems and resource based spawning etc. I came up with an idea to combine alot of these suggestions together into one large working system. Of course ths idea is still fresh and would need some help from you guys to polish it out but let me just sum up the things i thought of. Btw pardon my english if i make any mistakes.

First when a map is voted for there will no longer be the old kind of layout like in pr where it says "inf" or "alt" etc. Instead it tells us a number of "command points" which i'll cover later on. For example: "fools road 300CP" or something like that.

After that the map will start to load and before we enter the spawn screen we enter a new screen which i call the "command screen". In this screen a commander can be chosen for example by voting or perhaps by server admins etc. If no commander is chosen then this is fine but i will first talk about the next thing.

In this "command screen" the points i talked about earlier (CP) can now be spend on different kinds of troops from a list of units with all kinds of different stats, specialisations and equipment which could then form the layout and construction of that team.

For example:

- 60CP spent to unlock units from the 30th aerial service support. (which unlocks blackhawk choppers for transport and has some more logistical bonusses perhaps)

-80CP spent to unlock the 11th raiding squadron. (which unlocks assault squads to be deployed.

-60CP spent to unlock the 15th reconaissance platoon. (Which unlocks sniper teams and light scout infantry)

-80CP spent on the 3rd tracked support company (which unlocks certain apc's )

Now a team has spent 280 CP from the 300 CP they had. This spending can be done by voting for certain units in the command screen and when a CO has been selected he will have a higher voting influence then the rest of the players. The same could be done with squad leaders but they then have to be selected in this command screen as well. You can however vote on multiple units for example a maximum of four units per team member. Then after a timer ends the average of all the votes will be automatically calculated and set up your team layout for the following match. The units that can be voted on and the limits they have can be decided by the server admins or game developers to make sure a team is balanced and not only consisting of CAS squads.

Then when the round starts only these pre determent squads can be selected when creating a squad from a dropdown menu. And in the pre deployment phase a SL can drag and drop his squadmembers to his desired role in the squad menu

Now this makes it possible for squads and teams to be totally different since it is now possible to have for example different kinds of infantry squads like a recon squad which for example has a max of 5 soldiers are faster in movement, more concealed, silenced weapons, more binoculars etc etc but may also be limited to only a few kits like 1 medic, rifleman, 2 marksman, 1 officer, 1 breacher. While on the other hand if an assault squad is unlocked it has a max of 9 soldiers with different pros and cons like more armour, more assault rifleman a lat kit etc. Etc. Multiple types of squads can be unlocked in the command screen as well as later in the game to have a more dynamic game, remember those 20CP we had left? Well they can be used for new unlockings later in the game when this team earns a certain amount of points by performing certain tasks like taking out enemies or capturing bases. Now the CP might also be used to "upgrade" the existing squads or buying support elements into the game like: uav's or jdams.

Now the individual assets can be bought with "manpower" (MP). MP will be gained over time automatically as well as CP, MP can also be increased by performing certain tasks within a squad. However CP will have an overall value in the team and can be used by voting in the command screen later on in the game, while MP will be gained per squad and can be used by those squads to buy certain assets depending on what role the squad has.

Now this system can be developed even further together with this suggestion http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/137-integrated-squad-and-kit-loadout-and-restriction-system/which makes it possible for you to customize your squads in a limited way as a squad leader to your likings without changing the core of the squad like: an assault squad SL may choose between having 1 lat and 1 ar, or 2 ar's for example.

This is as far as i've come right now with this suggestion. I could go on about this for hours but i think i've put alot of ideas on the table. Let me know what you guys think and if any of this could be possible in a fun and balanced way.

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Something similar was suggested before by unfrail. To have the commander decide which assets the team can have. Personally, I think it leaves too much room for abuse allowing any one person this amount of power. Although, i would like to have something like this as an alternative gamemode and leave the "standard" one, unchanged. It will be up to the individual player to decide what they feel like playing.

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Too much is decided in the initial phase of the game, teams have little to no organizational options or flexibility, and ultimately it will narrow the gameplay potential of the game.

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