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Personal Art Thread (Post your artistic Skills)

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I do quite a bit of different art styles. It maybe simple painting, drawing, and even recoloring photos. Here are just a couple I have under my possession, like to see your all's. If I port more, I will put it up on here.







This one is recent, took me a total of 2 days to do. It's my first and it was time consuming. Let me know what you think on it. And yes, this was done by me on Photoshop.







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I used to paint landscapes and draw portraits, got good at it, then decided to pick up abstract/modern expressionism, and I love it, it's a lot of fun. A bit too lazy to post pictures right now but perhaps sometime I will ;)


Great pics, I love recolored pictures, it brings more life to them.

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That recolor is dope, dude! Very nice.


I like to take photos of family and friends and sometimes landscapes/cityscapes with old film cameras. I like that I can get these printed out and put them in a photo album that I can pick up and page through years later. I always enjoyed looking through old family photos, and it's just not the same with digital photos and scrolling through them on Facebook. There is a pleasant novelty to having a physical copy of it to look at and have.









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