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Hello there ! I'm grasseh

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Hi brothers in arms,


I didn't actually introduced myself since I registered.

So better late than never, my name is Sylvain and I live in France.


I discovered Squad on the Steam community I think. I used to play earlier versions of Project Reality, so when I learned that Squad was made by the same devs, I knew I would love it.

Since then, I'm following it closely.

I like tactical and realistic fps like Arma, Insurgency etc. (I also like slow paced tactical RTS like the Close Combat and Theater Of War series), as well as arcade fps like Battlefield.

You know they are still video games, and their purpose is to entertain. So I can have fun with both because they are not comparable  :)


Squad seems to reproduce the true intensity of the combats and the satisfaction of playing as a team like no fps game ever did before.


I haven't bought the game yet but I'm really thinking of getting the Squad leader pre-purchase version. Can you just reassure me and tell me that there are enough players in the closed alpha on european servers so I can enjoy the game in a full squad and a well populated server ?

I would love to see this game growing and getting better and better, updates after updates.  :wub:

I would also be glad to bring my feedback on bugs/suggestions on this game.


Anyway, I'll see you on the battlefield soon or later :ph34r:

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Welcome to the familia...if you want my honest opinion if Squad is worth it! Hell Yeah!...If you want to be part of the future,the future is Squad!.


See you on the battlefield,soon.Hooah!!> :D

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