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Linear Points Scale

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So, I came up with an idea thats sure to ruffle some feathers, but give me your thoughts.

What if scores were side-dependent. e.g. if I score 800 points on Blufor, those are 800 blufor-points. If I switch team when shit goes downhill for blufor and start winning redfor some 200 points, my over-all score will be (800 blufor points) - (200 redfor points) = (600 blufor points) at the end of the game.


one: it would be interesting to see that your points are a reflection of contribution to the team score, not just your own.

two: it would likely discourage late team-switching for them fair-weather fellows.

This would be best accompanied by:

- servers that don't forget your score on Disconnect, in-case you try and flush it that way,

- it would also be ideal if disconnecting makes you lose all your points earned in the game, instead of tracking them, in a global individual points score. This will help those who have played want to keep playing till the end to keep what points they have. This obviously depends on whether or not the game maintains any sort of global-total points score.



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