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How To: The Squad Forums Search Function

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In today's day and age of social media, forums aren't often talked about in our day to day lives. And, at least in my experience, they tend to be associated with some of the nerdier levels of nerds, when it comes to the people who frequent them. However, forums can be one of the greatest sources of topic-specific information due to how focused they can be about all sorts of things, from vehicles, to firearms -- and mathematics to music history. And in our case, Squad. Not everyone knows how to use forums as well as others, and I'd like to help out. 
First thing's first: the full search function can be found here.
That function of the site comes with a lot of in-depth modifiers you can add to your search in order to get more specific results, and it's fairly self explanatory.
However, I have a sneaking suspicion that the search form linked above doesn't see nearly as much use on this website as this infamous big white bar:
So in order to assist all of you in becoming better forum users and finding the content you're looking for, I'm putting together this topic to outline some basic guidelines and shortcuts in order to help you better participate in this community of ours.
Topic Creation Guidelines
Before there were search bars, there were topics. Having a well functioning forum where the search function can be best utilized means creating well-made topics is just as important as knowing how to search for them. You're not going to find anything if there aren't any topics for the search function to filter through. As a topic creator, you want to create your topic with a title that is relevant to your content and concise (short and to the point) so that people can easily see what your topic is about.
Tags are also very important. You can add up to 10 of them. If you want your topic to be seen by people searching for content relevant to your topic, you should add tags that are simple, longer than 4 letters, and generally avoid things like spaces.
As you can see below, I had a tag with a space in it. 'how to' -- however, I removed that and replaced it with 'tutorial,' which you can see if you look at the tags of this topic. Use common, relevant synonyms for the tags you wish to add that would require spaces.


Scrolling through the list of topics created on these forums, it's plain as day that the majority of people don't even add tags.
Remember that when you use the search bar, it searches for content in the posts of the topic itself, not just the topic title and tags.


Example: If i search the term sniper I get 92 results, and the vast majority of the results are topics that don't even have the word sniper in the title. 


Through a bit of my own research i've found some interesting quirks about the search bar.
When I type:

gun resting

I get results based only on the word:




But if i type:

'gun resting' 

I get results based on both words.



However, when I type:

recon squad

I get results based on both words.


I'm not sure why the search function seemingly blocks the word 'gun' unless I put it into quotes or apostrophes.


Until this quirk is resolved or clarified, to simply avoid this issue of the search form cutting off your query, put your keywords into quotations or apostrophes. Like this:

'search query'
"search query"

The important thing to get out of this bit is to remember to not only put solid effort into your searches, but to also make sure you know what the search function is thinking you are asking of it to do. Don't think you can't or won't find what you're looking for -- just invest a little bit of genuine time in looking.




  • A lot of good information that you are seeking isn't always in an obvious spot. Sometimes devs will comment on a topic with information about something that's only semi-related to the topic's original content. In order to really find good info you may have to do a bit of digging, something most people don't like to do, but it almost always pays off.


  • Make sure you're not mistakingly searching a single topic's content. If you're going to do a search, a good rule of thumb is to click the FORUMS button at the top of the website and then start your search. If you're sitting in The Front Desk section and start a search with the search bar, your search will only sift through the content in The Front Desk. This applies to all other sections of the forums.






I hope this helps some of you navigate the forums a bit easier and that you got something out of this.

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Search functions on forums tend to, well, suck, because you can't use search terms that are less than 4-letters long (eg. FOB).


Because of that, I don't really get upset about people making duplicate threads unless they go on a ridiculous posting streak in the Suggestions Forum.

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Search functions on forums tend to, well, suck, because you can't use search terms that are less than 4-letters long (eg. FOB).

Because of that, I don't really get upset about people making duplicate threads unless they go on a ridiculous posting streak in the Suggestions Forum.

Search terms less than 4 letters long dont make up a majority of the terms associated with the game.

This topic was made solely to help people better use the search bar and also how to create better topics. That is all.

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Thank you M81ERDL, this has needed doing for a while now. Great effort and well structured!


Likey like from me!

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Wow. I don't know how I missed this thread. Now I have something to link when people clearly didn't use the search function.


And yes. Using "quotations" for a specific two or more word phrase is best. I guess people weren't taught or forgot basic search engine skills. Google's fault. :P

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