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So you want to join a clan?

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Welcome to the Clan Recruitment Section. 


Firstly this post is in no way intended to teach you to suck eggs, If you want to jump straight in and join a clan then feel free, this post is merely guidance for those who are new to gaming, multi-player or clans. It is intended as a general guide, food for thought if you like. 


Secondly, what is a clan? (In a gaming perspective) A clan is a group of people whom share a passion or a vision regarding a particular game or genre of games. Clans are generally populated by people who enjoy playing a particular play style or with some form of structure.


When is a clan not a clan? With the readily available free forums, Steam, chat software it is possible to form a group with friends or like-minded people whom you enjoy playing games with. They are generally more relaxed and don’t have fees for membership or server costs nor do they tend to have set rules. 


Now I have greeted a number of the new joiners to Squad, most of you have crossed over from games like Arma and Project Reality (PR) so have a firm grasp of what you are looking for, others are new with no real experience. I really like this community and I feel majority of the time everybody has a good experience, however on occasion people do get frustrated with people and on really rare occasions people do fall out. 


So, my advice to all those with little or no experience and even to some of those just new to Squad...


·         Get online and play the game (As much as possible)!!

·         Join in with the players, interact, talk, chew fat and most importantly 'communicate'.

·         If you find someone who matches your play style then hook up regularly, heck even add them to Steam.

·         Only once you have a grasp of the game and the community with whom you play, then look to form a group, a clan or even re-visit this section. 

·         Those wishing to join a clan, research them, read their forums, watch their YouTube videos, and if you have any questions, speak to their members and Training Officers (TO). 

·         Then if you like them and they like you.... apply.

Remember it's pointless rushing anything, this game is still in its infancy, jumping straight into a clan may seem the cool thing to do but it has to be taken seriously, its commitment and demands loyalty and what clan's do not want is to be messed around, have unnecessary disruption and end up having to kick someone from their group. Even if you have little or no experience don't be afraid of Clan's, if you are enthusiastic and can follow instruction, the clan will/should bring your skills up to scratch. 


Some further valid points to consider by other members;


Structure: Clans / communities are structured differently. Some are just a collection of friends where one does all the work (personality driven), some are communities with a flat structure and one-member one-vote (member driven), and some are based on military style of leadership with hierarchical rankings and progression (rank driven). These all work very well but one will inevitably suit you better than others. Consider it before joining.


Time Zone: There are a couple of things to consider here. Pick a clan / community where the majority of players play in your gaming period. The obvious two being EU/UK and US. There is no point in joining a clan with 500 members, when they all play as you sleep at home. However if you are in the UK, work nights and play a lot during the mornings, you may find a community in a different time zone to be more beneficial.


Minimum age: Find out of the clan / community allows members younger than 18. Always best to know this BEFORE you find yourself outranked by a squeaker, high on cola, being shouted at by his parents, and demanding you follow him to your death because he has to go do his homework.


Skill based or casual: Some clans form specifically to gather elite players together. Others are casual collections of players of all skills and personalities. Be sure to understand what you are looking for before you join. Don’t join a casual group and then complain about the “noobs” that are playing, and don’t join an elite team and complain when you get cut from the roster. 


Most important though is to find a clan / community / group that you get on with. You are looking for the few personalities you can play with. Best way to do that, as Gurman said, is to play the game first. There is an excellent comms system in game so you should have ample opportunity to spot players you enjoy playing with. If you do, go look them and their clans/communities up. 


There are plenty of fantastic clan's or groups listed here and I am sure you will find what you are looking for!


See you on the battlefield!

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