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Different crouch toggle controls

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Instead of having a setting to control the way the crouch key works and making it very clunky to change, have the crouch key accept a double-tap to go into the toggled crouch mode.


Here a (possibly incomplete) state graph of the crouch key mechanics:

      .---------------------.      |                     |  [ Lying ]    [  Stan  ] --'--hold---> [ Crouch ]  [ down  ]    [  ding  ] <--release--- [ w/hold ]      |           | ^                       ^      `-----------| |                       |                  | |                       |                 double                     |                  tap                       |                  | |                       |                  v |                       |               [ Crouch ] -----hold---------'

This makes it IMO way easier to switch into crouch and still retains the common mechanics for holding/releasing the crouch key.


The only difficulty I see here is choosing the time in which the double-tap control is registered, so as to avoid players accidentally going into crouch mode and minimising the time needed to enter the holding crouch state, yet making toggled crouch easy to access when you need it.


There are other applications of the double-tap mechanic as I'd like to call it, too, such as was already suggested for the reload key as a fast reload, and as a rolling movement on the left/right movement keys in prone (not on Q and E like in America's Army).


Any comments/ideas?

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I'm glad I did a search, I came to this forum to suggest this exact idea.



I can't decide between toggled or non-toggled crouch, because I like both for different parts of the gameplay. CQ I like non-toggled.



+1 for this suggestion from me




I don't think double tapping into crouch toggled mode will happen easily/often by mistake. The only problem is when people are stuck in crouch and they don't know why. But heck there's a learning curve to every game.

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