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With the discovery of flowing water on Mars I thought I would share a "game" that is extremely under rated. I quote "game" because its more to show off an Engine..hence the name Space Engine. Its a simulation of the entire observable universe, what isnt discovered by present astronomy is replaced by procedural generation. Billions of galaxies, stars, planets, and asteroids are all fully explorable and scientifically accurate. Its completely free but you can choose to donate, which there are specific goals, including making a full fledged game out of this amazing engine. This engine had landing on planets before it was cool  :P


Space Engine's website



Here is an imgur album composed of some of my favorite pics that my friend and I took one night


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Very Nice!  I now use the first pic as my desktop background.


Awesome, glad to hear that you liked it :D. I had to save that planet's location, it was too beautiful to just leave lol

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