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M16-Scoped agains Ak47 Iron sights ? Unballanced ?

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Many of us would disagree.

it mostly an issue of FPS people with low FPS complain about recoil and optics significantly more, People with high fps have almost 0 issues (assuming of course the same user capable of playing a FPS)

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Hi I watched Squad a bit on Youtube and I saw that the US forces have m4 / m16 that have scopes that have zoom. While the talibans only have Iron sights on their AK47s.   

So the question isn't it unbalanced making the main assault rifle (m4/m16) have ACOG scopes that have zoom, while the talibans have only iron-sights. 

I dont owe the game so It maybe isnt like I think. Would love to hear about this (sry not english) greets

Screw "balance". If you want balanced weapons and gameplay best stick to battlefield and call of duty. The idea in this game is to used teamwork to overcome your enemy's material advantage.

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