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Where Did You Hear About Squad?


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  1. 1. Where did you hear about SQUAD?

    • Youtube
    • Google
    • Project Reality community
    • Another game community
    • From a friend/clan mate
    • Social media
    • Other (please specify)
    • Reddit

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I stumbled upon this youtuber called 'karmakut' and i really enjoyed his content on squad. All the plays he and his team made were so careful and interesting that it got my attention. Im kinda sick of all fast paced fps out there and tactical fps is the thing i was looking for a while. Thank You for making Squad possible. Money well spent. :)

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I heard of Squad in PR forums but wasnt playing video games at the time.... I watched some karmakut youtube videos back in November and it peeked my interest as it looked like players were using military tactics and it looked like a blast to play!

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