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Where Did You Hear About Squad?


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  1. 1. Where did you hear about SQUAD?

    • Youtube
    • Google
    • Project Reality community
    • Another game community
    • From a friend/clan mate
    • Social media
    • Other (please specify)
    • Reddit

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As we are fast approaching 1000 forum members (wow that was quick!) and as we draw nearer and nearer to starting our fundraising campaigns it is becomming increasingly more important to find out where we have gathered all of you 1k supporters from.

Feel free to add any comments relevant to how you found us, it is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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From old Novalogics Joint Operations series of games clansite as I am one of those old JO players myself and since the Novalogic Inc. is slowly dying it seems I'll try to look something new to play. This project looks promising what I have found out so far.

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I heard about you from good old Bluedrake around the time of the big launch.

Since then I've directed a quite a few guys to the forums who I've talked to about PR/Squad on games like Insurgency. Be nice to know if any actually joined!

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Haven't played PR for more than a year before this news came about, stuck to lurking the off topic section of the PR forums hoping that one day something would make me want to play again. Thankfully you boss bastards done did this 

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I browse a few youtube channels, including Bluedrake, for their quick-looks at games rather than to actually watch their videos because they tend to dig up games I find interesting. I had heard of Project Reality but never really got into it.  


I did play a lot of ARMA II/3, and in ARMA II there was a server than ran a mode based on PR's insurgency, which coupled with the ACE mod was a blast. One thing that I thought was neat/odd about how it handled spawns was that the insurgent team only had four players, but they "respawned" by assuming control of the numerous NPCs that would spawn when Blufor got within a certain distance of their town. 

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