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An idiot that need help

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I got my key for squad and registered and everything and got to the actual part where I got to the portal and had to download the game. And I'm extremely confused on how to download it. If I download the DirectX End User runtimes it downloads around 157 rar files and I can't download the Visual C++ files for some reason it wont let me. And none of the rars for the direct x end user run times contain a setup .exe for squad nor does there seem to be a download link for the game itself on the portal...or does the big red letters of ALPHA DOWNLOAD COMING SOON mean that there wont be a download link until later....? I've never done a closed alpha or a prealpha or anything I've always been in betas and I'm not very good with computers so I'm kind of at a loss on what to do here...

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I'm curious - why does no one actually read the page it takes you to?


Is it written in Swahili? Urdu? Pre-historic cuniform?


It's an interesting question. Perhaps people just don't read anymore. I think attention spans have eroded over the years and need for instant gratification has accelerated. I'm not criticising. Merely an observation.


Also, the standard of English has greatly deteriorated since I started using forums/BBS. 

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