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Rsw Clan Recruiting [Dutch]

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                                                 Recon Strategical Wargroup

                                                                                              About #Rsw.

Recon Strategical Wargroup was founded in 2005 we have been playing all sorts of games, but focus is mainly shooters like Battlefield, Arma etc.
We are a steady group of people that have become friends in those years of gaming,We had multiple lan partys over the years, and strive to continue to do so in the coming years.
And since u all know  "Winter is coming"  so clean your dusty keyboards and get ready for the fresh line op of amazing games!
We dont focus on a particular game but with the coming of squad this is gonna be a game we will be playing alot.
Other games that are currently played by members are game from Diablo 3 to Arma Dayz u name it!

We are looking for Dutch people to join the ranks of the age of 18+  that put teamplay and fun on top of there list we are not looking for solo playing rambo's when it comes to games like squad arma etc.
If you like what u read or want to know more or even apply well then go to our website!

Want to know who we are here are a few videos to give u a idea!.

Past weekends Pre Alpha footage!

Uprising 4.0 Lan party

and here is Mr. Pu's footage

Uprising 5.0 Lan party


More information or videos about #Rsw. and its gameplay visit our website or youtube channel!

#Rsw. Info
Teamspeak : Ts.rsw-clan.nl
Youtube Channel


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With the new Alpha Release, there are a ton of new players!
if your dutch and you are looking for some other dutch people to play with
dont be shy and join our teamspeak (most active during evenings)

or visit


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hey I'm interested! right now I have exams and stuff but I'll have a lot of free time after. Where can I sign up? :D

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