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Spawn Bug (Nothing but Console)

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Ok so i have a spawning bug aswell but its hard to explain but only happens when i spawn at main (or so i think)


I die, i select give up.

screen goes black with "dead" i have no options and cant press any keys to access anything.

The only thing i can do is bring console up (~) and using the commands type to my team.

after awhile ill spawn at main unable to move or anything with a blurred screen the only way to fix this is to type suicide in the console and wait to spawn again.


Sometimes i dont ever spawn i can wait up to 5 mins with nothing, alt tab and game says its running fine but in game i cant do anything but type via console.

No matter what i do i cant spawn so i have to type disconnect and rejoin.


thats the best i can explain it.




I also have not modify the game or changed any keys.

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Thats happened to me a number of times over the recent weekend. I also have not altered files or anything in any way.

I can access the console, but no other keys work. It only ever happens to me while im trying to sucide at main base, at least that seems to be the issue. 

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Can you try this in deploy now mode?

There wasn't a reason to make a new thread. . . I was watching the other ones.


Nevermind, I see why this happens.

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