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The American Football Thread!

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At least Rogers streak of no INT is still alive.  Hell as a Lions fan I'm hoping they win the SB.  


Lions are screwed tonight though.  Another lost season.  Bla!  


You know what gets me is that every one blames Stafford.  Not saying he hasn't made mistakes because lord knows he has but the guy has the best first 4-5 years stats than any other QB.  Has been up until this year putting up decent numbers.  My issue is the damn defense.  Always has been.  People keep saying how great it is but they haven't had a consistent defense since the 90's.  Our backfield is garbage.  


Sorry, for that.  Had to get it off my chest.  LoL



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Lol, says the guy who just got beat by the Browns... at home....

Lose your defensive play maker, first round draft pick, best receiver, best running back and then tell me how your season looks. End on the day, Browns are still the Browns. Hows that jersey look now?



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6 - 1, realistically we should be 5 and 2. shouldnt have beaten san diego, they just choked hard and we got lucky a lot.


denver just stomped us, as i more or less expected.

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