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Awesome Squad pictures

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Hi all,


Bought the Squad Leader pack yesterday after talking with some guys that play off of Ocuk forums, so glad i did, exactly what i've been looking for, not stopped playing!


here's so shot from my first few games.


Game is Maxed out on epic everything @1440P, had to disable one of the Fury x's as it was causing all sorts of problems.





















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Not a great pic, but a great squad. Motherdear with the ninja shovel at FOB stopped us fighting over FOBs and got us back on track to the flags.


Shastadude17, let us know he was either first time SL or quite new to it, can't remember which but he did an awesome job.


Ted was hitting Haj in the face with the LAW pretty often too while I looked down on their FOB and to see where they land. Was awesome watching the destruction :)

Merlin backing that up with well placed 40mm landing in peoples back pockets.


crotchshot.. i dont even know what you're doing in this pic but it looks angry haha



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