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Hey mates!

It's been a long time since my last activity here on SQUAD forums, and really hopes you all doing well in private.
I came back here to ask a little help or opinion of your (especially from Benelux guys )

So, after trying I couldn't manage to get to Tomorrow this year, but already turning 19 and would really like to join the globe biggest or most crazy festival.

As mentioned in this post, the festival is really expensive for a Transylvanian 19 year old on his own as it goes up to 1500 euro.

What I'm interested and was adviced to join next year as a volunteer. Now I know they won't pick anybody and in a festival like this everything is on high standard, but I'm asking some of you who was there or could make a phone call in my service to ask a mate 
I hope there is a way to join as volunteer and still join the party sometime

Thank you for your help or opinion,

PS : If this is not going to work, I'm still interested if somebody is going to pre-order the ticket in the future, as I heard it's better if in groups.
I'm interested for 2 tickets atm to buy 

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