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Squad: Hardened by Battle (former Project-X) is a project born inside our Squad clan [EI] (with a rich background on Project Reality) following debates on what Squad was becoming. Since we don't like complains, we immediately started to work testing the feasibility of new mechanics that could make Squad more tactical and cooperative. We finally manage to test all our arduous work after some months and the satisfaction is great. The difficulty in developing a mod in these months of Squad's tumultuous changes has been high. Nevertheless we build a testable version.

An intrinsic limit of Squad is the high speed of all phases of the game: clashes, squad movements, tactical deployment. The player does not have time to think, as SL or simple soldier. Precise point-and-click shooting dominate tactical movement, the individual is more important than the squad, communication becomes chaotic due to the continuous sequence of game phases. The rule to win is to give up and respawn near, too much near to flags. Defenders and attackers have very little time to organize themselves. What we have done is to slow down the spawn mechanic, as well as the movements in general. We have created new mechanics not present on vanilla Squad, as well as tweaked others already present. 

The current level of development is good: the first part of what we wanted to do is almost complete with many components already tested. There are certainly numerous bugs ready to make crash a server and probably we still need a lot of tests to finally go public. 

We are obviously looking for testers and especially developers.

Anyone interested in making their skills available to this mod feel free to give a whistle.



Our aim is to make positional game more important, as well as intelligent and coordinated movement.. Who already tested this mod said that the general experience is quite different from Squad: each confrontation is more intense, each movement more difficult, each attack is harder but more satisfying, both as squad and team. Our intention is not to introduce dozens of proto-realistic features, our goal is to favour more thoughtful approaches instead.



We'll continue to work on bugs and consolidate. The first playable iteration of HBB, version 0.1, is not far away. We have some small new features and changes in mind, beside that our main focus will be balancing what we have done until now and debugging, other than adding the other factions and more supported maps and layers. We received a lot of suggestions and we'll work with those in mind.

Next phase will be 0.2 with some heavy focus on to the logistic system.


This a recent sneak peak of a WIP mechanic: 




Constructive feedback are always more than welcome.




Main Changes for v0.1


• Tickets lost for the Radio destruction reduced from 10 to 0, HAB disabling range to 100m and min enemies to disable from 2 to 3. Radio isn’t shovable anymore. Radio get damage only by Explosives (IED, C4, HE), high caliber AP Rounds (Tanks), mortars, artillery.  New (temporary) infantry class: Explosives Expert. Max 1 per team, unlocked with 4 members. 2 C4/IED, 1/2 nades and no ammo bag. IED/C 4 placing longer animation (16 secs ~) need to rework the animation.

• Introduced Aim Punch, 60 seconds Instadeath on revive and removed nametags.

• For Rally Points enemy near check and disable radius changed from 30m to 80m radius, Squad Members needed to place it increased from 2 to 3. Duration 60 seconds if not near a friendly FOB (80m). Rearm time increased from 180 seconds to 240 seconds. Wave interval set to 0.

• Added "Focus" to soldier. Being focused reduce sway. Sprinting, jumping, vaulting, exiting vehicles, changing stance/lean affects focus. Focus is regained standing still, moving slowly or in ADS. Focus is also affected by physical condition. Aim focusing is allowed only with very high soldier focus. Every kit as a "focus class" with different sway. Sway is multiplicated from 1 to 5 depending on focus and soldier class.

• Suppression lasts longer. and the camera effect is changed

• Movement is slowed down, more inertia and slower but longer sprinting. Removed stamina bar, added (or modified) visual and audio effects on low stamina. 

• UI has been cleaned up, now weapon information, stamina and stance and sight range are not visible by default.


papirus-apps-iconset-papirus-development-team-discord-icon-1.png.2becaba3ee9d5553c9f8eef7e1a096b0.png: https://discord.com/invite/kz6RCp6


1583672168_preview_1447898195_preview_steam-workshop11.png.778caafdbe02e4d0be914e1eb943b2de.png: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1899185504


2d2be2421911037d80f9921dc2954c2.jpg.12b09fa5f32e47c0b23318ff75d36288.jpg: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE9zk4CyxZCU6ZHOBdsgUFQ



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can you remove the zoom from all non-scoped guns?

and maybe add PIP for scoped ones? 9_9

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20 hours ago, EA_SUCKS said:

can you remove the zoom from all non-scoped guns?

and maybe add PIP for scoped ones? 9_9

I´m not against zoom in no scopes.  It depends on how much and for how long.


After all, playing on a screen (no matter how big) things always look smaller than they would IRL.

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IRL is also hard for spotting things

seeing a person in 100m is harder than in squad, usually you dont even see the enemy IRL, you just shoot in the direction


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I agree. Although it is very situational


That´s why I would try to find a middle point. I wouldn´t remove it completely, but I would tweek it. Some options are...


A) Considerable zoom but only for a short time (maybe 3 seconds) representing "having a closer look" kind of focusing in that area for a moment. 


B) Zoom but quite short for longer time (6 seconds) representing focusing on an area to fire.

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