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Squad wont launch (DLC canadian problem)

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=ATM= SarakAujourd’hui à 12:13
I have a problem to launch squad with DLC Canadian. They crash before lauche the game. You have a tips for use this dlc without crash ?


LogPakFile: Warning: Failed to open pak "../../../SquadGame/Plugins/Mods/CanadianArmedForces/Content/Paks/WindowsNoEditor/CanadianArmedForcespakchunk0-WindowsNoEditor.pak"
[2020.05.20-10.08.57:691][  0]LogModdingRuntimeModule: Error: Failed to mount PAK for mod "CanadianArmedForces", unmounting all other PAKs... Problematic PAK: ../../../SquadGame/Plugins/Mods/CanadianArmedForces/Content/Paks/WindowsNoEditor/CanadianArmedForcespakchunk0-WindowsNoEditor.pak


3lukAujourd’hui à 12:36

I get this crash report every time I launch the game. Everything was fine yesterday, even after the 19.4.37 patch.

I checked game files cache and rebooted my PC. Halp.


=ATM= SarakAujourd’hui à 12:37
@3luk I have the same problem


3lukAujourd’hui à 12:37
Yeah, I see.


=ATM= SarakAujourd’hui à 12:37
The problem are the DLC Canadian
if you launch the game without canadian dlc they work fine
but if you have canadian dlc the game dont want launch


3lukAujourd’hui à 12:46
True. I turned DLC off and it launched. Thank you, Sarak.


=ATM= SarakAujourd’hui à 12:47
yes but if you have server with dlc map you be kick because you dont have the dlc :/


3lukAujourd’hui à 12:47
But it's still a problem. Servers I usually play on have several canada maps in rotation.


=ATM= SarakAujourd’hui à 12:47
yes it's that


3lukAujourd’hui à 12:48
did you try to reinstall DLC?


=ATM= SarakAujourd’hui à 12:48
yes 5 time
and now try to delete the .pak dont want launch and run check game file
dont work too...
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Can you add the following Steam parameter to the game and tell me if its booting?



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