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Possible asset performance bug?

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Dear @Gatzby@fuzzhead and OWI Team,


I recently discovered by accident that the performance of each training layer is far apart from each other.

The British one is the weakest with ~57fps, followed by USA - Insurgent one ~66fps and USA - RUS is by far the best ~79-81fps depending on the chosen faction.


Maybe not all training map layers have the same base map version or maybe this is a hint that some faction assets cause a huge performance hit. I thought you might want to know about this.


I also made a quick edit of the different runs: 



Test system is Windows 10 (1909), Squad B19.4, Xeon 6 Core W3690 overclocked to constant 3.99Ghz (Afterburner shows only base clock) and a 1080ti.


If you have questions please let me know here or comment on the video.





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