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Can't play the game

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I can't join or create a squad or even deploy. I've reinstalled my game, reinstalled easy anti-cheat, deleted the squad folder in my local AppData, validated the Steam files, and changed game install location from SSD to HDD. I've played 150+ hours prior to this happening. I haven't done anything that I'm aware of. It just didn't work one day. There was probably an update that led me back to try it out and now it doesn't let me play on any server. I've never cheated in any multiplayer game on PC. I do occasionally use racial slurs and vulgar language in-game but no one has said anything about it and I haven't received any messages in regards to any suspensions or server bans.


System NFO File: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VRz4815NYBRV7AQ8kolQrV2_m8z3pL7x/view?usp=sharing


Solutions I've tried:



Log File: https://pastebin.com/5Ndx4Eyw


Possible related lines from the Log File u/sh4rkman and I found:

"Warning: Weapon BP_M249_Pip_M68_C_0 was equipped but could not be found in PawnInventory."

"Error: Couldn't equip weapon because PawnOwner was nullptr

"Warning: UNetDriver::ProcessRemoteFunction: No owning connection for actor BP_Soldier_RU_SL_Pilot_C_1. Function ServerSetRagdollState will not be processed."

"Failed to load Shared Shader Library"

"Warning: Pending Player 76561198212264252 is valid but not in the PendingPlayers map"

"Warning: STEAM: Can't start an online game for session (GameSession) that hasn't been created"

"ASQGameMode::RestartPlayer(): On Server PC=dark Spawn=nullptr"

"ASQPlayerController::ChangeState(): PC=dark OldState=Inactive NewState=Playing"

"Error: MapTextureCornerZero is null"

"Error: MapTextureCornerOne is null"

"Warning: StoreWorldBounds() returned a value with invalid min and max X values. A swap was performed."

"Warning: GetNextMap: Unable to find any valid maps in the GameUserSettings.ini to rotate to, please check that there is one valid map, restarting the current map"

"LogSlate: FSceneViewport::OnFocusLost() reason 0"

"ASQPlayerController::UnPossess(): PC=BP_MainMenu_PC_C_0"

"Display: Flushing async loaders."

"Display: Suspending async loading (1)"

"Display: Resuming async loading (0)"

"LogSlate: Request Window 'SquadGame  ' being destroyed"

"LogSlate: Window 'SquadGame  ' being destroyed"

"LogWindowsTextInputMethodSystem: Display: IME system now deactivated."

"LogSlate: Slate User Destroyed.  User Index 0, Is Virtual User: 0"


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