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Server scarced region: Is it possible for OWI to help seeding server in the scarced region to help growing community?

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Is it possible that OWI could help to support the establishment of a set of official servers that online 24/7 in some regions that are lacked servers.


My region, SEA, only have 1 authorized server belonged to, (most likely Singaporian) SFW clan. It's not online all the time and we can't blame admins because according to authorized server guideline, there must be an admin to take care of server almost all the time, which is really restricted their operation hours and also admins manpower, though comes voluntarily, could be perceived more expensive than the server hosting itself.


Limited by 1 server in the region, which is not online at all times, I think it would be a limit for the growth of the communities in the region. Playing in off-period and you cannot find a server nearby to play (or find only a minimum number of players), playing in peak period and you cannot get in.


There are a couple of communities in my own country, but they cannot afford the level of standard for the authorized servers. That's why, I think it should be nice that OWI sows some seed that allows players in the regions to be increased, which in turn, leading to the expansion of the existing community and maybe, establishment the new communities in the region as well.


Means can be many, from OWI fully invest on the official server in the region or can be working with existing communities that are not yet strong enough to host the server on their own. This might as well benefits everyone.



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