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Another (Error Thread) On startup, (With more)

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I have had issues with DXD and other crashes during gaming, not related to these new issues. However I noticed that these issues are very similar to the ones I usually have, which again proves my point that if you crash and it says DXD dropped, or anything relateable to that, its not on you. Its on the poor programming that OWI delivers. 

My error message is slightly different, but the end result is that it still says the major factor here was my graphics card not functioning with the DirectX, although this time around it mostly isn't what is causing the issue, as its stating its failed to assert, or assertion. But do note that if you have crashes every now and then that are related to DX13 or whatever directX, and unreal engine, and graphics card, it isn't on you. 

You need to write an email to OWI and tell them to fix this issue, I were led to believe it was my graphics card by many posters, but this new crashing is so relateable to the crashes I had before, that I know for a fact this is OWI, and have always been OWI, I play games that require more graphic power, and more PC power than squad, two times more.

Never a crash.
Do not believe you have bad hardware if you keep crashing, and others don't, this is some sort of faulty programming that only certain people experience, that is on OWI's end.

I play on a nvidia gtx 770, which is old. If yours is newer, don't ever listen to people saying its your graphics card, its on OWI. 

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