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Bad Ping on specific Server

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Hi there,


since the last days, I got a very bad Ping on two specific Server.

My Internet works with LTE which run great since the last 3 years and it still does.

I have also used this "tracert" -Command from Windows to check if the fault is on my site,  but also they look fine.

Also, I have a good Ping to the TeamSpeak 3 which runs on the same Server.

I can play on every other Server with a good Ping even on Servers which run in the same Datacenter.

Maybe some have experienced the same faults and have some idea on resolving the issue.


RE: Also I tried to use the Internet Connection from my Mobile Phone using Tethering and I got still the same behaviour.

Bad Ping on the two servers and good Ping on the other


RE 2: It seems like the problem occurred because of the objects I have downloaded from the Workshop. At least deleting them helped me with the lags 



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