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Odd Microphone glitch Mid-game

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I haven't seen any forums for this issue (maybe haven't looked hard enough), but maybe somebody has had this same issue, so I thought I might post about it.


Every time I start a game my mic and audio work just fine. However, like midway through the game my screen freezes for a second and my microphone interface blinks, and a couple lights go off on it. After that I can no longer hear engines (yes just engines: logis, Tanks, and Heli engine sounds), all I can hear is the wheels moving or the ground being moved around beneath it, and my mic just doesn't work anymore. The little mic emblem shows but no one can hear me.


For background I have a scarlet 2i2 audio interface connected to a Samson Q6 microphone. Pretty good setup, and works 99% of the time except for this squad issue. Im pretty sure its just a game issue and not something to do with the hardware. 


Is there any fixes for this issue?



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