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Map ranging

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So yesterday I received the answer again I always get from my SL when I ask this question "Can I get FTL for ranging with HAT?" I usually get the FTL but that's not the problem. The thing is I always receive the answer "You cant range with FTL".

Now yes you can't get the range just from marking the target with FTL, not like the SL marks. But my question is why do people most of the time not consider using the map for ranging? It is an easy way for someone to get a ruff estimate on range and makes hitting tanks/IFVs etc. mutch easier to hit at 500m+ going as far to say that it's useful until smth is 1km far away(of course it's only gone be useful against big targets with HAT/LAT or small targets with HE/Frag rockets)

So I just want to know what do other people think about map ranging or the other e hotmail.com 
 asy ways to range targets at 300m-1000m

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