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[FOBH] FOB Hunters new EU Server

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Welcome to [FOBH] or FOB Hunters.

Discord here: https://discord.gg/KVy8RbY


We are a Squad clan and gaming community who have been playing together for nearly two years now. We decided it was finally time to get our own Squad server. The majority of our members are in Europe so that is where our server is based.

We're often found messing around and having a laugh but we know how to get serious when we need to be. We're looking to take on new members too so if you're interested then come join the discord and have a few game with us, see if you have a good time or not! Regardless we hope you have a great time playing on our server.


All the rules for our public server can be found on our discord. If you have any complaints or issues with the clan/server then feel free to jump on our discord and ask for a moderator or admin. 



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