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FPS drop from Discord

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When I play Squad with Discord running in the background it seems to cause a large frame rate drop at times when my mouse is moving. Is there any workaround? Here's how I reproduce:

1. Open Jensen's range training map locally
2. AdminChangeMap to Chora RAAS V1
3. Go to Russian side
4. Go into a vehicle where gunner has zoom, e.g. Scout Cat
5. Go to seat 2
6. Zoom in
7. Look at bearing 322-342, moving mouse back and forth there
8. My frame rate will get really choppy

1440p: 140 FPS normally, dips to 80 (still playable)
4k: 70 FPS normally, dips to 20 (not playable)

If I used A and D to turn the turret it's fine, only if I use mouse.

If I quit Discord completely (not just close the window but quit it from Tray) then it resolves the issue.

I also disabled the Discord overlay but it doesn't help.

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Only other thing I can think of if discord overlay isn't the issue is, hardware acceleration option might be enabled. It should be under appearance options.

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I tried disabling hardware acceleration, didn't help. Thanks for the idea though. I guess this isn't Squad specific, maybe I should check on a Discord forum.

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