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20r-logo.png      Discord (Link)

The 20th Regiment of Foot (20R) is a large (1491 discord members as of writing) gaming community with a vast list of public and private involvements including:
- Private Events (Hosted on our servers)
- Public Servers (20R hosted servers available to the public)
- Public Content and Donations (Monetary, Mod-related, Development & Bugs)
- Closed-Sourced Beta Testing (Not currently in Squad but with other games)
- Well Structured Administration
- Paid Administrators, Developers, and Staff
- All-Else-Gaming-and-Otherwise (We're always on and we're always gaming)


A message from Recruitment:

- Our Experience: We've been around for six years and have over 1000 members, joining us is the fast track to longevity.

- Our Structure: We have ranks on ranks, and we know how to use em'. None of that "am i a real member or not?" purgatory.

- Our Connections: With over 5 years in gaming and +300 active, daily voice connections, we're deeply connected among different games and intra-related clans & teams.
- Our Culture: If you've been tapped to join the glorious future of 20r, prepare to be IMMERSED in a rich yet polite, organized, and competitive gamer culture, refined over our tenure of the clan.

UK or EU:

Please visit The 20th Regiment of Foot - SQUAD RECRUITMENT EU/UK Forums

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