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Squad black Friday sales ??

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Will there be any black Friday sales for squad? 
Just wondering if there was any confirmation as I'm interested to gift it for a friend.

I remember there was free weekends and some times like half price off but im not really sure about the last black fridays which were previous years as i already had squad for a while..vidmate mobdro word counter

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Posted (edited)

Buying squad on sale isn't really a discount as you basically have to avoid the game for an entire week(if not more; at the very least, avoid free weekends) for the n00bs to **** off.

This game is a lot less playable with full server of newbies/n00bs(imagine trying to play a rare insurgency layer with almost all of PR vets quitting the game) on top of retards who make new accounts just for griefing during free weekends.

It's like a whole week of "I played insurgencysandstorm/arma/opfp and I don't need no tutorial" + "how do I revive people/request kit/...etc.?"

I always advise any friend looking into Squad to avoid waiting for sale for reasons stated above.

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