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True Born Gaming is now recruiting

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True Born Gaming community is recruiting for squad. We are looking for level-headed individuals (21+) that would like to be part of a stable long term community. We have been around since 2008. Coming from years of Battlefield, Call of Duty, Counter Strike and Insurgency franchise, we are now expanding into Squad.

Becoming a member gives you: 

- a voice

- participate in regular discussions about what you like to see on the server

- the ability to administer the server, full access

- access to our private forums

- discord access with privileges 


We also offer free white-listing to those that help us kick start the server regularly. We are also planning to expand as the game grows.


The only thing we ask is no racism in chat, discord or forums and no cheating.


Feel free to visit us at www.tbgclan.com





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