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Hello everyone id like to invite you guys to join Goon Squad we are a gaming community Welcoming all who’d like to join and have a group of people to play with we are not trying to be a community that only plays one game rather we are a community that is open to playing all games therefore our focus is to increase membership and get new players engaged with us Socialize, build our community, make new friendships and memories together. Our member’s average age is 24 so we are a mature community. Everyone is an individual and we want you and your entire persona to be comfortable enough To want to spend time with us.


What you can expect from us is also what we hope to expect from you;





-Relax environment

-Memes Dank Memes



-Just good old fashion fun


Requirements to join [GS]

-17+ of age

-Have an open mind to contribute in your community by just being their participating in game nights hanging out in discord suggestions etc etc

Finally, we want you to make this your community as much as it is ours.

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