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[ACM] ArmChair Militia recruiting now!

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We would like to officially invite you to join ACM (The Armchair Militia).  


ACM formed to bring together a community of players that want to play Squad as well as various other games. ACM is currently looking to fill our ranks with both casual and competitive players. 


ACM has created connections with multiple other communities in Squad and other games to participate and create events for the masses.

Weekly events are posted in our discord and everyone is welcome to participate. 


ACM has a competitive division and a casual division which are mutually exclusive. Competitive participation is not a requirement of ACM.

Casual players are more than welcome to join and participate in competitive training as well as other events (other than competitive scrims)

but participation in these events are not a requirement. 


Competitive players are deemed with a few more responsibilities than our casual players. As a competitive player you will be

required to show up to training's, dry-runs, scrims as well as a few other requirements that will be further explained if you chose

to join the competitive team. The details will be further explained if you express interest in the competitive division. 


ACM encourages improvement and strives to create a fun environment for all our members. In order to do this, there are a few rules

which every member must follow. This is to ensure a quality and constructive environment as we understand most people are here simply to have fun. 


Rules for all members are as follows: 


  • When playing Squad, we ask that you be in our discord to let our members see you are active and playing. 


  • All members must wear their assigned tags in a game while playing Squad. You can do this from the In-Game prefix setting for your tags or you can change your steam name to add said tag the choice is yours. 


  • Being a part of multiple clans is frowned upon. If you are part of ACM do not be part of another group as this interferes with Tactics, Strategies, as well as comradely. 


  • Be Respectful to all players. It does not matter what server you are on, or discord. We do not tolerate Toxicity or racism of any form. If you are disrespectful to anyone internal or external to ACM, you will be removed. Remember, once you are part of ACM your words and actions reflect on ACM.  


Perks of joining ACM; We have multiple servers for training purposes and public use. As of now we have 1 custom server for our own training and scrim purposes that we can use at any time to polish our skills or test out vics/weapons. We also have an official public server for everyone to enjoy playing Squad. Along with our own servers we carry multiple white-list privileges with many other top servers on squad. We also host custom game events for Halo and CSGO and have a flourishing Escape from Tarkov community. 


If interested please contact us or join our discord at ACM Discord and get in contact with any member of management to follow through the recruitment stages. 


 -[ACM] Ibelligerant 



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We are still actively recruiting all members(casual,competitive and new players) for ACM come hang out with us on discord or reply here and we will be in touch, thank you!



 -[ACM] Ibelligerant 

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Still looking for new members interested in playing with a good group of guys. We currently have a few events lined up for us in the near future and our looking to fill our rosters with new members. Come join us on discord or reply here and we will be in touch with you, thank you!


-[ACM] Ibelligerant

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