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ADMINS Wanted for UK server

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HI All,


Not sure if this is the right place to post.


Looking for some admins for a new server I just span up. Hopefully can get some people enjoying it as its costing and no one is having fun with it yet!

Ideally looking for at least 3 from US, 3 from UK, and 3 from another time zone in an attempt to get "follow the sun" admin. Once i got admins i will apply to Squad for a licence and we should then go live!


Is a fast box with 64 slots:


Location: EU - United Kingdom
Slots: 64
Hard Disk: NVMe. M2 Enterprise (Extreme Performance)
CPU Clock Speed: 4.8Ghz+ (OC Extreme Performance)
CPU Priority: High CPU Priority (Turbo Boost)

If interested, please email me at: cwatson@turtlemail.co.uk


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