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[|56|] canadian gaming idiotic admin abuse

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My full mech inf squad was disbanded by an admin during a match and i was kicked from the server for not following a rule that was made up on a whim.




Rule ten clearly states you cannot 1 man a crewman vehicle and no where does it say anything about running infantry squads from a crewman vehicle.


The kick message was  something along the lines of,  "rule 10  running an infantry squad from a crewman vehicle". My squad was a mechanized infantry sqaud. A mech inf squad can quickly react to changing situations and not allowing for that type of gameplay in a server greatly limits the possible gameplay options.


Rule 10 says nothing about not being able to run an infantry squad from a crewman vehicle it only says you can't 1 man a crewman vic which is standard practice on all servers.


Whoever the admin is that kicked me is a complete moron and i've NEVER had a problem running mech inf in my life. You should not have been surprised by the verbal abuse i gave you for such piss poor administration.




If any 56 admins are listening please do not bother replying with something like" we warned you multiple times in chat" NO ONE sees chat warning because they're busy playing the game they paid money to play and text warning are unreliable and half assed method of communication.




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