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Funky Ducky

[FaT] Fear and Terror is recruiting! NA and soon a EU server!

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Hi! I'm an assistant recruiting manager for Fear and Terror (yes that is a thing). 
We just recently hit our two year mark with literally hundreds of active members. We have opportunities for both casual and competitive players! We host all our own servers with 3 of the most popular servers in the game. If you are looking to get into the group and are interested in joining please review the information below and see if we're a good fit.


Here's Master Chief himself telling you to join. https://www.youtube.com/embed/Rl4D11ayB0A




Our Servers:
"Fear and Terror #1|[SPM] Public Comp Server|ASC"
"Fear and Terror #2|Mod Server [Harju] [OpsHC]| ASC|"
"Fear and Terror #3: Heli Focus Maps | Chicago | ASC"

• Organized, chill environment

• Consistent and active players in Squad. You'll will always have someone to squad up with!

• We have a serious competitive team and provide weekly training sessions and tryouts.


• We host and participate in a variety of events and tournaments.

• No drama, no politics, no ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥t attitude

• We also have several different main games in Escape from Tarkov, Mordhau, Rainbow Six Siege, and Halo. 

• Several side games such as Destiny 2, Arma, GTFO, Battlefield, Strategy Games, and more.

• Military friendly whether it be active duty or retired


Recruitment Qualifications:

• Must be 18+ years old

• Understand how to play and communicate. It's okay if you are new to the game. There will always be someone in our community who will be willing to help you out. Don't be afraid to ask!

• Need a microphone

• Mature


Links and Videos to check out:

• Link to our Discord - http://discord.gg/FaT

• Squad Community Trailer -

YouTube™ Video: Welcome to Fear and Terror : https://www.youtube.com/embed/SfpNYcs9FOU


How to join [FaT]:

• Join our Discord! http://discord.gg/FaT

• Fill out an application in #click-here-to-join

• We'll review your application and respond within 24-48 hours.


I appreciate everyone reading this considering FaT as their new community. If you are still on the fence, hop on our server or join up on our discord and see what we're like! We love teaching people how to play as well so don't be afraid if you're new!

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