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Data mining

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Does OWI collect data from their users to sell to companies? and if so, does that function use in-game resources?

(...think i'm getting paranoid). hope i don't offend anybody asking this.

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10. Information Collection & Usage.

By installing and using this Multimedia Product, you consent to these information collection and usage terms. If you connect to the Internet when using the Multimedia Product, either through a gaming platform network, or any other method, Licensor may receive information from hardware manufacturers or gaming platform hosts and may automatically collect certain information from your computer or gaming unit. This information may include, but is not limited to, user IDs (such as gamer tags and screen names), game scores, game statistics, game achievements, game performance, locations visited, friends lists, hardware MAC address, internet protocol address, and your usage of various game features. All information collected by Licensor is intended to be anonymous information that does not disclose your identity or constitute personal information, however, if you include personal information (such as your real name) in your user ID, then such personal information will automatically be transmitted to Licensor and used as described herein.
The information collected by Licensor may be posted by Licensor on publicly-accessible web sites, shared with hardware manufacturers, shared with platform hosts, shared with Licensor’s marketing partners or used by Licensor for any other lawful purpose. By using this Multimedia Product you consent to the Licensor’s use of related data, including public display of your data such as identification of your user created content or displaying your scores, ranking, achievements and other gameplay data. If you do not want your information shared in this manner, then you should not use the Multimedia Product.

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