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The Duck

Queuing - is there a known problem?

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Hi Forum,


Bear with me as I had searched but didn't see anything; but is there a known issue with queuing? I've spent 45 minutes queuing for a TLR server. During that time 2 maps were played, queues dropped off but I was still waiting. Whilst on the map it was when I first joined, i was 1/4 but when I refreshed the server list, the map had changed and there was now 11 people in the queue. Second refresh, new map but 5 people in the queue.


I know there can be a wait to get into servers at peak times, but I feel like this time round i was just "lost" if that makes any sense? My friend in the server at the time said plenty of people left the server at the end of the 2nd map. So why I was not connected to the server is beyond me.


Is there an issue?

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