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Rhin | Rhinos| New Players Welcome - ENG Europe **NEW Server**

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Rhinos | New Players Welcome | ENG

Welcome to the Rhinos Sqaud Server


Feel free to join us on our discord,

where you can talk to our members 

and appeal bans.


Our server rules are:

General rules

1. Racism and discrimination will not be tolerated.

2. No glitching, abusing bugs, cheating and trolling.

3. Don't place buildables on top of radios

4. Don't argue in the in game chats.  

5. Don't recruit for or advertise other clans or communities.

6. Only write in English in the All and Team in game chat.


Gameplay rules

1. Everyone must join a squad.

2. No intentional teamkilling.

3. No mines within 300m of main bases. (measured from the flag on the map)

4. Don't camp main bases. (don't kill people within 100m of main bases unless they shoot first or there is a FOB or objective next to it)


Squad rules

1. Don't create squads if you don't intend on leading them.

2. Squad leaders must have a microphone and must speak English in general command chat.

3. Squads must play the objective.

4. Every squad leader is required to have a squad leading kit.

5. Squads can only be locked if they have at least 3 players or are a dedicated vehicle/command squad.

6. Squad names must be appropriate. (appropriate is either the vehicles name like BTR82A, 30mm or it's function like IFV, MBT/Tank ¦ "Armour"/"Armor" is not an appropriate name since it is not clear which vehicle is meant) 

7. Don't create squads just to vote for the commander.


Asset rules

1. Don't waste assets.

2. All Vehicles that require a crewman kit to operate need to be atleast two manned and may not leave the base one manned.

3. Vehicles are claimed on a first come first served basis by the name of the squad. (Unless you can prove you claimed the vehicle first by having an impartial SL confirming it, the number of the Squad counts. Be aware if you become commander the squad name changes.) 


Seeding rules

1. The server is declared live only by admins.

2. Only fight over the middle Flag/s.

3. Only place one Radio.

4. HABs must be atleast 100m away from the flag/s that is/are played over.

5. Don't hunt or camp enemy FOBs.

6. No emplacements (mortars, HMGs, SPGs, ATGMs).


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