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A few thoughts

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At the moment FOB:s are way too easy to kill, which often have the result that the squads mainly uses their rallies to spawn. The 'problem' is mainly lone engineers and sappers running around and chasing FOB:s even far away from the action. Imo a combat engineer is in no way someone that does spec ops behind enemy lines to take out bases. An engineer is the guy that comes in and clear the area after it has been taken by the combat units.

Make it harder to destroy a radio for a lone engineer. Make it much harder so that the time it takes to dig it is significantly longer, now you plant c4, dig a bit and run and the job is done. At least 30 seconds of digging should be required for the engineer. And also make is so that c4 is needed to fully kill the radio, that way an engineer must be present in order to take down a FOB. It's too easy for a single player or a very small group to take out spawn points for the enemy, taking down a FOB should require more teamwork than that. To balance the FOB can cost some building points and requires more players to drop so that a logi squad cannot drop 3 FOB:s in one run.

FOB:s must be more valuable and it should be more of a team effort both to build and destroy them. And if the FOB is harder to kill the rally also becomes less significant

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sorry but to my mind the obvious answer is: defend the FOB.

- the only reason they can be destroyed as you describe is because the Engi/Sapper got past the defence long enough to plant, exfil and trigger.


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