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Hey, guys!
Does the order of the different types of missiles matter (high explosive, tandem, high penetration...)?

Where, in the vehicle, each missile are more effective (in the track, tower, etc)?


Thank you all!

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I'm not sure what you mean by order mattering.  But tandem is the "best" penetration, then HEAT is second best, and for high explosive or frag there really is no penetration- those are strictly antipersonnel rounds.  So, for instance, you would definitely prefer to to use tandem on a tank, by which I mean an actual tank, like an Abrams or T-72.  (A lot of players say "tank" to mean "any armored vehicle".  It drives the rest of us nuts.)  HEAT is good for things less than a tank, though the Bradley is also pretty tough and I personally would use an tandem on it if I had one.


If you go to Jensen's Range for training there are models of all the vehicles that show how thick the armor is in different places, as well as the location of the engine, ammo storage, etc.  That's how you know where to hit them.  As a generalization, the front has the thickest armor, the sides less so, and the rear the thinnest armor.  And yes, you can take out the tracks to immobilize a vehicle.  In fact, if you don't have a tandem and you're facing an actual tank that's the best you could hope for from a HEAT, probably.  In such a case the crew might try to hop out and repair it, so be ready to deal with them.

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This game isn't realistic so HEAT-Tandem/HEAT for vehicles and HE-frag for people, no overlaps.

(not even unarmored vehicles; as HE often fails for whatever reason)

Just tested it again today on live server - two HE-frag from Canadian Carl-Gustav can't kill a militia logi from the back.
Probably because the "supplies" have higher armor value than the HE-frag penetration(iirc 5-10mm in game files); even if it could do damage - don't risk it.

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