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new deployeble for FOB

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so what if you added trench to the game as an deployeble for the squad leaders and not like a little foxhole or anything or a 5 meter long trench but i mean like you can keep extending the trench.

Cost 3000 construction supplies,

starter~ ~pack / ~point / ~location is a 2 by 2 or 1 by 1 deployable wich cost about 50-60 times to shovel. to have your starter position after tht you can dig in every single way as long it is within the FOB range and being able to actually make trenches through that fob wich might be a offensive or defensive FOB.


Cost 1000-2000 construction supplies,

or make it like the starter-point contains the building supply and every 5 meter for trench extention from the starter point cost 50 or 100 building supply but the construction supplys.


let me know your oppinion and i might try to mod it  or if you got modifications that should be,


kind regards,


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problem here is breaking through the terrain.

Would be great tho so good luck.

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