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UNITED-GAMING = searching for 1 more coalition partner !

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Hello guys, we would like to share our server with other clans !! 

offcourse we search for clans that doesnt have there own server yet.

we want to share our  licenced servers with multiple clans so we can form 1 big active community on 2 server !

- 2 licenced server

- 1 train server

- coalition website with your information

- ingame links (INGAME in squad) towards your discord

- Battlemetrics (admin control)

- whitelists for your  clan !



the server name is called ---->  :  ☆☆☆ UNITED GAMING [EU] ☆☆☆ CLANS :  - [=WFT=]- [TASLI]- [UAF] - [BAC]  -  [ UTF ]


on this moment we have 5 clans active ( and searching for 1 more)

[BAC] 40+ Active members { Group from french}

[UAF]  60+ Active members  { Group from Middle East}

=WFT= 50+ a dutch community

[TASLI] 45+ active members from hungary.

[ UTF ] 30+ (a clan from turkey)


we are searching for an EU/UK/USA  clan with :

- atleast 15+ active members

- Admins and your community MUST be able to speak english offcourse

- we use 1 discord,where ALL the people from the community can sign up for [UG] clanwars and events and seeding 

- ONLY partners from the server are allowed to recruit on the server (for there own clan)


So you will get FULL control over the server and train servers ! , hook me up for more information !??

please join our discord to talk abbout it ! with J.Sun Tzu


DISCORD ----- > https://discord.gg/SDTyNsV


WEBSITE : https://ugcoalition.eu/nl/united-gaming/

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