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[Faction] Turkish Land Forces

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Hello squaddies, happy 2020 for all :)


Here, I have a suggestion for a possible future faction. It is Turkish Land Forces.


Turkish Land Forces (TLF) is the ground branch of Turkish Armed Forces (TAF), in process of professionalization and is a capable force.


TLF is actively engaged in combat in Syria,Iraq and within Turkey for anti terror operations. Being a NATO member, TLF is the most active force in NATO after US Army.


As for equipment, TLF is pretty much familiar with NATO/US equipment. In addition to foreign equipment, Turkish Army receives and uses domestic vehicles extensively.


Now, I will try to list the some equipment and vehicles mainly used by TLF, with their respective quality level.


Main Battle Tanks:

-M60A3TTS (poor)

-M60T/TM (capable) (modernized M60)

-Leopard 1T (mediocre) (modernized Leopard 1A6)

-Leopard 2A4 (mediocre)

-BMC Altay (good) (domestically developed tank, in service in 2021 or 2022)


Infantry Fighting Vehicles:


-FNSS ACV-15 (capable) (domestic)(seen combat in Syria recently)

-FNSS Pars (good)(domestic)


Armored Personal Carriers:

-M113 APC (poor)(decommissioning as Vuran&Cobra arrive)

-Otokar Cobra (capable)(domestically built APC)

-BMC Vuran (good)(domestic)



-BMC Kirpi (good)(domestically built MRAP,saved many lives in combat against mines and IEDs)


Main Service Rifles:

-MKE MPT-76 (good)(Turkish rifle in 7.62 mm NATO standard)

-MKE MPT-55 (good) (Turkish rifle in 5.56 mm NATO standard)

-HK G3 (capable)(license built by MKE in Turkey, decommissioning as MPT55 and MPT76 arrive)



-Canik TP9 (good)(won best handgun award in US)

-Baretta M9(capable)

-and many others 


Sniper&Marksman Rifles:

-Kale Bora-12(good) (also known as JNG90, domestic)

-MKE MPT76DMR (good)(DMR version of MPT76)


Machine Guns:

-PKM (capable)

-M249 (good)

-MKE MMT (good)(domestic)


Light Anti Tank:

- RPG-9(mediocre)

- LAW(poor)


Heavy Anti Tank:

-Javelin (good)



- BGM-71 TOW (mediocre)

- OMTAS (good) (domestic)



-Anka-S (good)(domestic)(satellite controlled MALE drone, comparable to MQ9 Predator)(can be armed for UCAV missions)

-Bayraktar TB2(domestic)(seen extensive combat)

-Akıncı HALE(domestic)(can carry cruise missiles)(can avoid low and medium altitude Air defenses)

-Aselsan SERÇE(domestic)(multirotor drone for reconnaissance)


Note: Turkey is nr.3 in the world after US and China as MALE UAV producer&operator,and nr.2 after US as combat usage of UAVs







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