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Thinking of getting squad but scared

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So im 13 and i have been "bullied" for my voice cause i have a squeaker voice.
I've been thinking of getting squad for a couple of months but now that christmas is here i could finally get it do you think i will get the same type of "Bullying" as i did in other shooters/ videogames

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Assholes are in every game, however.. Squad's community, in general, is a lot more friendly, since the game by design is a lot more social. There are a few servers that seem to be more dedicated to teaching new players. First thing to do i'd say is to play the tutorials, then jump on one of those servers, you often see it in the name.


When in the server, join a squad, sometimes people create dedicated squads to teach newbies whenever there's a sale or free weekend, and just straight up tell people you're new. Most players will not really care about your voice, as long as you're not being annoying. I think plenty will appreciate a younger player being willing to learn, and having the patience to play something slower paced than your typical shooter.


Anyways, i wouldn't be worried, the experience in this game vastly differs per server, so if you're having not a really good time on one server, there'll be another server where you will have a good time.

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Obviously I might be a little biased, but I do agree with Guan. (There are similar threads on reddit that should back it up.) By and large, communicating effectively will outweigh anything else. Can you make good tactical calls? Then you're a badass already. ;)


There are some people that will pull the squeaker crap, but imho, it seems more of a friendly jib here than it can be in other games. We know squaddies come in all shapes and sizes; it's the brains what matter. If someone gives ya crap, feel free to move squads, or notify an admin.


Getting involved with a clan or community that fits your play style is also a good route if you're worried. There are folks that enjoy organized play, competitive play, friendly fragfests, partying for charity, for all regions of the world, and more. Squad Ops, for example, is a great way to learn in a more structured way.


Either way, we're happy you're interested and hope you'll hang out and have some fun. =)

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