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thy (bra)

UE 4.24 + SQUAD Editor UE 4.21 = Error?

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Hi, my dears. 


I have installed the Unreal Engine 4.24.1 and, after that, I got downloaded Squad Editor 4.21.2. 

Somehow, when I get start Squad Editor, the following message comes to screen.


Message Log > Load Errors (1):

/Game/UI/Widgets/SLGridMenu/W_FTLGridMenu : Failed import for SQMapMarkerDataAsset /Game/UI/MapWidgets/MapMarkerDataAssets/ActionMarkers/BP_MapMarker_Action_MoveFT.BP_MapMarker_Action_MoveFT Referenced by export Function /Game/UI/Widgets/SLGridMenu/W_FTLGridMenu.W_FTLGridMenu_C:ExecuteUbergraph_W_FTLGridMenu Referenced by export K2Node_CallFunction /Game/UI/Widgets/SLGridMenu/W_FTLGridMenu.W_FTLGridMenu:EventGraph.K2Node_CallFunction_7

After that, the UE looks fine but I'm not sure because I'm the first steps of 3D world and UE. 

What I've already tried:

  • Epic Launcher file's verification. 



Could you gimme some guess?



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Hi thy,


the SDK is stand-alone, so you don't need to install UE itself, just the SDK.


if you get some errors after the SDK spawns it's window, don't worry too much, it happens all the time and each version of the SDK brings new and interesting ones - IIRC most are inconsequential and can be ignored.


Verify, is always a good first point of call if you get (or end up with) broken/missing files - i've had some i broke, so i purposefully deleted so the Verify would definitely pick up the missing file and replace it with a fresh copy.




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Fair enough. I just ignored the message and I began the work. Thanks. 



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