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Glitch/bug found

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Hello devs,


today i found a bug on fool's road on the objective Hilltop.

how did i found it? i was messing around with the Tripod HMG (militia) in the basement. And my weapen started to go up(when in preview) (happens a lot when you are inside a building).

there i found that i could place it on some shelves first one no success but good advantage point because you were stuck in the shelves.

Second try on a difrent part of the Shelves (the on that is heading to the north horizontally) there i placed it and i went in and get out and i was out of the map.

And because this glitch its quite broken because you have a 1-way shoot through into the upper-part-of-the-basement and in some parts of the lower-parts & besides that i could jump to the "dirt level" found by this twitch guy ill post link it pretty much shows you how to get inside it


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