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Solution for mortar calcs cheating (DEVS)

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5 minutes ago, Ruplay said:

I do not want accurate mortars since the mentioned problem - HUB, FOB destruction. It is so easy to mark enemy position for SL and so easy to get structures down with mortars using calc, that on some maps it is really annoying. I am fine if devs add calc in game, but make mortars limit per map (not HUB), more spread and more costs per shot.

Your proposal and additional removing the magazine to 1 instead of 3 and more AOE would work quite well.

The concept has proven itself in the past.

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22 hours ago, Ruplay said:

You misunderstood the point. Give calcs to all, mean give them in game as an in-game feature. But you say that they are already for all (out of the game). Good point here is that aimbots also here for anybody (out of the game and anybody can use it), but does that mean that aimbots isn't a cheat? Not for sure.

What is the way it affects the game? You start to shoot accurately with less hassle. So like with mortar calcs, isn't it? So what is the difference? Except that aimbost work for small arms and mortar calcs works for mortars.

There are a lot of ways to cheat in game. That is why I gave a soltution only for one of them. Everybody can control gamma in monitor settings or GPU drivers, nevertheless developers locked gamma in game. Mortar calc should go the same way.

I didn't say anything about commander arty, you were first to mention that with "cheat" word in the same sentence. Asking about it as a cheat. What was the purpose for that, idk. But for sure that you lack of arguments.

Did I ask you before the first post is it a cheat? You didn't give any arguments of your position. You start with a lie of "devs approved", but then we figured out that was moderator (a player, not dev). Then you tried with "a lot of people use it", but that is not a point. Since people like to be upper hand and use any opportunity to achive that. So they will use macroses, red dots on their monitors, GPU drivers or any other software to get advantage. Calc are as precise as they can be, there are calcs that uses coords and start/end altitude, they are 98% precise and 2% is mortar spread. Probably, you use bad calc because you don't how the good one works.

I feel like i´m in a Monthy Python show.... lol...




I won´t continue with the rest of the argument because I think you´re pulling my leg!...lol

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