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1 hour ago, pinko said:

Emplacements have always been one of the more difficult to use tools in Squad. They certainly aren't worthless and their value is based on high risk/high reward logic. They have insane damage capability, armour and cover penetration, suppression/splash, but they generally require good support to stay effective (so as not to get flanked/sniped). They use resources other than the set vehicle limit to put more firepower on the map, but they can't be packed up and moved if they are misplaced or the action moves on (that could be fixed, but would require reworking the supply mechanics to avoid cheesiness like switching emplacement types). They overpower any known targets, but there is no quick way to take cover when shots rain in from elsewhere (we've been asking for a duck mechanic since v9 at least). So some ease-of-use could be added, but even now they're worthwhile if you know how to use them and have a good squad in support. Check out MoiDawg's Twitch stream for some good emplacement action, among other Squad things :) I think the risk/reward system is good, just that the risks are artificially inflated by missing game mechanics.


I don't think the MG/SPG emplacements are that useful to be honest. The bunker MGs/SPG field of fire is too low and the insurgent machine guns are too unwieldy. The only useful emplacements are the TOWs/Kornets and maybe the AA-gun. The Insurgent MGs got nerfed hard when scopes became common for most kits so now enemies can return fire very effectively and kill you. Good luck if you're using the unshielded MG. They also got another indirect nerf with the addition of off-map artillery and air strikes. You can set up an elaborate kill zone with fortifications and bunkers and it will all go to waste with a single off map artillery strike wiping everything out. They should increase the field of fire of MG bunkers/SPG and increase the suppression of the insurgent MGs so they can serve their role better. This way teams will need to make use of effect smoke barrages, armor and flanking to dislodge bunkers and machine guns.

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6 hours ago, warrior6 said:


I don't think the MG/SPG emplacements are that useful to be honest...

The MGs are better than you're making them out to be. Remember these are additional weapons to what you are already carrying. If the enemy has the MG locked down, switch to your rifle. You have to wait until the moment is ripe for a good strafe, for instance when the enemy pushes behind smokes or takes cover behind a wall to reload. You can't expect to just camp on them and lock down your field of view (unless you're really good at tapping heads).  SPGs are also good as is. Since the addition of the optics,  that limited field of fire was pushed out to cover so much area. I'm not against your suggestions, but it's not like these things are worthless. Just worth less than a Kornet or TOWs, as they should be.

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