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My Personal Ideas and Adjustments for Game Play Mechanics 

by Doctor Hammer

With the current iteration of Squad in the B17 phase I feel like it's a critical moment for game play mechanics before introducing Version 1.0. With this post I hope to create a healthy conversation concerning the game play mechanics and to highlight my own ideas that I strongly believe will be positives to the game.

Lets begin!

Spawn System


I believe the Squad Spawn system is the first thing that needs adjustments. The spawning system is the thing that dictates the speed of the game, with how fast or slow it can be. Now... I personally feel that the speed of the game at the moment is fine as I believe it has a nice tempo to it (not too slow, not too fast); however, the system can feel a bit clunky and counter intuitive at times, in particular the rally system. So, lets go ahead and split our discussion into two categories: Rally Spawn System and HAB/FOB Spawn System. 

Rally Spawn System

The current rally system works like this:

  • The Rally works on wave spawns, the wave is 60 seconds
  • If a player is incapacitated within 30 seconds of the wave being finished you will "miss the wave" and have to respawn in 90 seconds instead of 60
  • Rallys are burned by enemies within 30 meters 
  • Rallys can be placed remotely while the SL is dead by "Buddy Rallying" on to another SL's Rally, there is a cooldown with this function now.

So with this information we need to ask ourselves... What are these mechanics trying to accomplish? and/or what have the devs stated about their intention behind the mechanic?

Well the answer is pretty simple and very conducive to their normal intention behind any Squad game mechanic, it's to enforce playing together and working as a team.

So what are the problems with the current Rally System? Well simply put they don't accomplish the above. 

We see now with the rally spawn system is that you have players giving up to "make the wave" only to find out they "missed the wave" .. So basically we actually find that players are spawning in a "see saw" timing, meaning that half the squad will respawn and push whilst the other half waits in spawn menu. Players also tend to give up more frequently as players just want to get into the game, they are afraid of missing the wave and having to wait another 90 seconds to actually play the game. 

So here are a couple proposals to change the mechanic for the better..

The Absolute Rally

  • Squad members can only spawn on a rally when 60% or more of the Squad is dead.
  • Once 60% of the squad is dead one of the squad mates can initiate 15 second spawn wave, which makes everyone automatically spawn on the rally after the 15 second wave goes up. This gives everyone that's dead 15 seconds to cancel their spawn and selecting another spawn.
  • There is a one minute cooldown on this, so if you spawn on a rally push in and die within 30 seconds, you can't confirm a rally spawn and initiate a wave until the one minute cooldown has ended. 
  • A one minute cool down is instituted when a new rally is placed as well. 

The idea behind this is that no matter what, you will spawn with a majority of your squad mates and it incentives working together and pushing in as a squad rather than this artificial idea of "wave spawning". This also prevents lonewolfing, if there is a marksman out in honolulu hawaii and he gets domskied to the broskied and the rest of his squad is playing together and is alive, he can't spawn. SO it keeps everyone together and penalizes lone wolfing, play together and die together or get penalized.

This "Absolute" rally accomplishes all the issues --> giving up too quickly, not playing with the squad, not regrouping at a rally... this system fixes all that and checks all the boxes for what we want the rally to actually do. 

or the other option is simply remove the 30 second "Threshold" that delays spawns and just increase total wave to 90 seconds. The "threshold" is causing too many spawn see saws and is delivering the exact opposite to what we all want the rally to do.

The FOB/HAB System

I have a couple of ideas with this the FOB system.

Currently the FOB system isn't "bad" but I think it could be more strategical and more importantly .. more fun and interesting.

Currently a FOB is 10 tickets, it's an asset just like a vehicle. You are forced to defend them as they not only secure you a spawn but they cost 10 tickets... in my opinion the fact that it secures a spawn is important enough. I don't mind the 10 ticket value, I think it's an okay system as it does help defense really weed out tickets from the attack team. So a discussion on the ticket value is very much encouraged.

However, here are a couple of ideas for how Fobs Could work:

FOB limit and incremental increase

So the idea is (keep in mind this is just a general idea, values are not absolute here) .. So every AAS Layer the first flag is always capped, and you are allowed to place 1 FOB. Once you cap your second flag you are allowed a total of 2 FOBs.. So the idea behind this is that it gives you a reason to attack the middle flag and to attack in general, the more flags you have the more FOBs you can place which in correlation with a FOB not having any tickets would be a huge buff for middle flag control. A commander would have a cooldown ability that can delete a FOB from the map to allow for strategical and forgiving play.. Once again this is just a general idea obviously it hasn't been tested.

FOB Limit with no cost

 Very simple here, so a map will have a limited number of FOBs a team can place from the start, so no incremental increase here. For Example on Gorodok both teams can only place 6 FOBs total. Commander can remove FOB from map with cool down ability.

Once again, the current system is fine but these are a couple of ideas to think about and possibly be inspired to create better and new ways to use the FOB system.




The Commander's cool down abilities have been touched on by a developer in another forum talking about changes in the cool down system, I agree that the cooldown system is absolutely ludicrous so hopefully that gets changed. However, I do have three things I would like to see from the commander.

Increased Cap Time

Increased cap speed on the flag, when the commander is in the cap. This includes Defense re capping and Offensive Capping. The increase speed would be by 25%. So now it takes a total of 4 minutes to cap a flag, with the commander on the Cap it would only take 3 Minutes.

Why 25%? well right now in squad.. you have to neutral the enemy flag before they even start capping your defense flag to prevent a double neutral. with this extra increase in speed it gives you a 30 second buffer to get that cap started. So the opponent has to cap 1/4 of your flag before a double neutral happens as opposed to having none of it cap before you neutral the opponents flag.

Passive Stamina Boost

At the moment, the commander has no reason to leave his HAB outside of main.. he is 5 tickets, why risk a 5 ticket asset when he can just sit safely outside of main in a hab waiting for his ridiculous cool downs to finish? 

What we need is incentive to push to the front line and help the team and Risk those 5 tickets to actually actively do something while waiting for cool downs.

So I suggest this simple change:

The Commander is the only one in the squad, he cannot have squad mates. The Commander when in 100-150m range of friendlies, they receive a stamina regen boost. he can also decrease suppression penalties.

This gives the commander to push with his troops and help out a squad that needs a simple speed or stamina boost. The idea may not be perfect but the thought of giving the reason to have the commander come out and assist his team on the front line is a must if we are going to make him 5 tickets.

Commander Rally

The Commander can regroup with an SL to place a "Commander Rally"

The possibilities of the Commander rally are this:

  • Only one SL can Buddy Rally off of it
  • Any SL can Buddy Rally off of it
  • The commander can buddy a certain squad to his Rally
  • The Commander Rally has a Cool Down on it, or some other Point system to use it. 






Over all I like the commander, after the cool down system has been fixed and we give him some incentive like these two above options we can then say "hey he is actually worth 5 tickets now"

The Medic Class



So the medic class has the been the same practically it's entire existence with a few small tweaks to healing and stamina...

But generally speaking, it's been the same, Bandage then Heal. 

What I would like to introduce is the idea of making the class much more dynamic, with the introduction of Epipens.

What does an epipen do?

 So for example a medic gets 9 bandages and 1 epipen. An epipen will immediately pick a player up, and give him 15%-20% HP and half Stamina.

You can apply an epipen to someone that is bleeding or hurt while living as well.. so my vision of it is 

you are with your SL in a firefight, the SL goes down your rally is wiped, you need to get him up quickly and get a rally down... USE THE EPIPEN! 

another situation is your squadmate is bleeding 5% HP shooting back at enemies, instead of bandaging him you can epipen him giving him stamina and 20% more HP.

Here is the balance, Epi Pens are EXPENSIVE costing a whopping 45 ammo a pop. This number is just an example, in my mind an epi pen is worth 9 bandages (bandages are 5 ammo).

The idea is very simple... make the medic think about when he uses them and when he doesn't, give the medic thought about him rearming when he rearms. 

Okay there is 100 ammo on the fob, do I take an epi pen or two when I spawn in?

 It gives players a dynamic thing to think about in game, and another reason to keep your FOBs supplied. 

Those are all the ideas I have for the game right now that I think could be super beneficial and make the game more fun, some ideas more thought out than others, but that's okay, at the end of the day, I just wanted to put those thoughts out there and create a conversation about those possible changes. 

keep in mind these are ideas are just ideas, not absolute solutions. I am proposing some of these things in the hopes good adjustments to them would be made, and a conversation could be started.

I think we all want the same for squad, a teamwork based game that supports communication and tactics. 

Thanks for Reading!


Edited by Doctor Hammer

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I really enjoy the idea of the rally. The wave system really doesn't work. Like you said people really don't spawn together but in little tiny 2-3 man waves rather than waiting for the rest of the team to push with them. The idea of 60 percent of the squad having to be downed in order to spawn I believe might help this. The only problem I could see with this is it might increase the number of people that spawn at the FOB rather than waiting for the rally. If there is one thing that we can rely on is inpatient players


A big problem that I could see with the limited fob system that you propose is that I imagine that it might cause more problems than it solves. What do you do when somebody wastes one of your limited fobs on some place that isn't worthwhile.

As to getting rid of the ticket cost of fobs, I don't believe that it would make too much of a difference. Might do something might not. It would be nice though if you could deconstruct a fob to remove the risk of losing tickets.


For commanders there really needs to be some more depth to their gameplay. Like you state in your post, due to the high ticket costs per death, a commander can't really risk fighting on the front lines. It really is pretty boring to play. There needs to be something in between calling in strikes and watching camera views from the UAV. Removing a squad from the commander would also be a good idea. From what I've seen most of the time the commander ends up being on of the two or three dedicated infantry squads. Generally this squad ends up sitting for most of the match especially when the enemy doesn't do any attacking all match. Leave the commander with maybe 3 other guys and that is it. Also maybe a dedicated commander vehicle might be a good idea. Perhaps a Stryker with extra antennas to visually identify the vehicle.


And honestly I would like to see bandages become a little more inexpensive. Maybe 3 points?

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I dont mind rally i think its OK how it is right now i dont mind friendly nor enemy rallies.


With hab i disagree because if you got grievers in the game the just throw thier fob on the edge of the map at the start of the game then the rest of the team cant use them , btw doesnt have to be grievers they also could be the mortar team but still having fob limit is a bit to much you already have 150 radius of building with 300 meter radius to provent friendlys to put their fob in that distance,


Commander is 2 tickets not 5 its been changed a while ago so i play a lot as fighting commander and you dont need to be at the hab alone if you check those in game tips or errors it says "Must be nearby VEHICLE or HAB to use commander abilities" but having those boost would be nice in the game to see


so you kinda wanna make the medic useless here so you are better taking of rifle man to heal friendlies then a medic if you want thise because rifle man can heal then up to 22 friendlies where the medic can only heal 1 guy so thats litterly nerfing the medic a lot and you knew that medic has reduced revive time then a normal soldier


kind ragards , 


DarrenGamingNL (Brutal 6.0)

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how to make the Medic class more important/valuable?


- remove the ability for a medic to heal themselves.

- and remove the ability for non-medic classes to bandage(or is it revive now?) anyone but themselves.


just a thought.


ps: (IMO)  'epipen' such cheesey it make the sadness.

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